March 3, 2010

The Filing Cabinet

This filing cabinet was one of those things that I didn't like but I didn't hate and we definitely needed to keep handy with important stuff that I'm notorious for losing (social security cards, marriage licenses, school records, passports...).  So I decided to spruce it up a bit.  

First I found an image for inspiration.  I don't remember where it come from, but I'm giving the credit back to you, Internet.



The how-to on this project is pretty simple.

I removed the hardware, sanded it lightly, wiped it off really good.  (Then probably had to stop and take Trail for a walk).  Next I painted it two coats of Venetian Gold (my new best friend) and then did my little design on the side.  For the little design I used a pencil, an eraser, some kind of acrylic out-of-the-craft-bottle kind of paint as well as some other kind of paint out of the can, and water and small brushes.  Then I polyed the whole thing because I knew it would be in a high traffic area.


  1. Wait, so you drew the design on? Now I'm tempted to meet your need to praised. Fortunately, my will power is still intact. But I am forced to admit that it's....pretty darn creative.

  2. woman, i love this cabinet. seriously, it's amazing. i have about a hundred projects to do in my house- and now i NEED to finish them, just so i don't feel like a lesser person up next to your awesomeness. i'm flippin' out over your freehand skills on that crazy design, which i might add, may be stolen to accent something in my house. i'll let you know as soon as i find the priveledged item.
    just craziness, bets, hard-core craziness.

  3. daaaaaamn dawg. pretty good, pretty good.


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