November 10, 2010

My Favorite Before & After

This is one of my faves.  Why?  Because I still remember the day Dust brought this heinous checkered mirror home.  Another $5 yard sale find.  It sat and sat and sat in our storage room.  It survived the move.  And finally the lightbulb went off.  Dustan built a bench with storage onto the mirror, and I added the hooks from another piece and gave it some painterly love.  Seriously, what would we do without this big guy greeting us every time we walk in the door?


Also included in this before and after is our door.  I could do a whole post on the stages it went through as well - but I will spare you the details.  Just know there was much decision making, until it finally ended up this color, what Ben Moore calls Sorrell.  Love it!


  1. I'm halfway through hour #9 in the cubicle so my brain isn't working well...when I started to scroll down I thought that the checkerboard thing was the finished piece. Hahaha. It really frightened me. The real after picture is amazing! Dustan is super talented. This seriously looks like a piece you'd pay $800 for at Restoration Hardware or something.

  2. Good grief I haven't even had time to get over my incredible envy of the desk. Now this..... j

  3. yup I have "envy" of everything I see yall make!

  4. You guys have way too much talent and charisma! Can I have some please :)


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