October 14, 2011

Food on the Trail, Part 3 (there will be 4)

The best meal of the day was lunch. We piled Camembert and Brie on bagels and topped it with apples.

Or with mayo, mustard, tomatoes and avocado. 

This is me at my Aunt JJ's house, jamming down on a spring roll.  Next up was probably some kind of cake...

Longshot is eating a Pro Bar, a $14 granola bar that includes something from every food group.  These things will make you skip up mountains.
Ah, town food.

More town food.  I was committed to the most ridiculously fragile foods, as you can see.  Some people liked to pack out six-packs from town for the first night back on the trail, others liked to bring shiraz and dark chocolate.  I went for the foods that hold up horribly under backpacking conditions, stopping just shy of eggs.

Post-half-gallon challenge. :)

Boiling Springs, PA.  We got to town and found this house.  They were this odd mix of people that kinda sorta welcomed us, but also pretty much ignored us. It was like, we're having a folksy jam session on our porch, and serving up angel food cake and peaches with or without you.  So I guess you can have a piece. 

We did, and then we went into town and ate the best pizza of our life.  Then we came back and slept in the Doll House.  It's a tiny house in their backyard that looks just like a doll house.  I know that sounds so made up.

(The pizza I was talking about).

On the trail out of Boiling Springs we walked miles and miles of flat land.  It was incredible.  And I'm talking flat, as in "flat." Not flat as in "not exactly flat, more like only four steep climbs."  This term, flat, was very fluid and debatable on the trail.  We learned - ohdidwelearn - not to ask people walking south what kind of stretch of trail we were about to encounter.  Because it's almost impossible to gauge how bad an uphill will be when you've just come down it.  

Anyway, during that flat walking we picked blackberries.

Brahma made us blackberry pancakes.  I can't remember how we pulled this off, but it must have been planned.  Maybe I did pack out eggs!

Definitely more than sandwiches here!  I can tell from this picture we're further north because Brahma's beard is getting out of control, and because the food got so good.  Delis in the New England area did not disappoint, and we were constantly finding amazing grub every time the trail met a road crossing.

Canolis sold at a nursery.  It was always the unlikely place!  Ice cream at a greenhouse, killer burgers at a gas station hole-in-the-wall, and Italian delicacies in the middle of a bunch of plants.  How did we find these places?  We just looked for the telltale row of backpacks outside any given establishment, the equivalent of 5-star rating.

Parting shot:  Food on the Trail, gone wrong.  Dusty's discount Halloween Reese's Pieces bit the dust somewhere in New Jersey and it took forever to pick them all up.

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  1. Man, the up side of hiking that trail just had to be the endless flow of food. And not JUST food, serious, fabulous food. I had to go get a snack after reading this installment...... j


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