October 21, 2009

Not Feelin' It

So I'm tired of looking at my own blog. One thing I forgot is that when you finally "launch" your blog, you have to then keep it updated. Which can be such a drag. And now instead of resenting the fact that I don't have a blog, I am resenting the fact that I never UPDATE my blog.

I feel like I might have fought off a cold in my sleep. Only that my immune system didn't escape clean, and now that one little section of the pipe that connects your nose to the back of your throat - that pipe? It's kinda scratchy. I did my Neti Pot. I blended up half a bottle of Vitamin C and poured it into my coffee.

I am still home, but I am officially in Job Search Mode, for the record (Dustan). One thing that's happened to me while I am home is that I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to a children's game made by Windows Vista, and I'm embarrassed to admit it. (But not so embarrassed that I won't, in fact, admit it). It's called Purble Place, and it's a big fat game of virtual memory and if you have XP or Vista, you've got it.

Don't say I didn't warn you. This game will make you crave cake. Big frosted cakes.


  1. well don't quit on us! I enjoy reading about your life in the Dairy Air.

  2. cricketsssss.... just thought i'd check in on ye' old dairy air.

  3. At least you're not addicted to Farmville on Facebook. I'm trying hard not to obsess on when my artichokes are ready for harvest.

  4. Also - you CAN'T quit. I'm getting ready to re-launch lollie lane.

  5. i LOVE purble place. i finally beat the matching game on advanced.

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