November 2, 2009

Dustan's New Obsession

It never fails that once the air has cleared and things have settled down, another project comes along. You can't really visualize this because I still haven't posted what will be a mere handful of the thousands of pictures I have of before-and-after projects ranging from white walls turning avocado green to the spray painting of a beloved caution orange lamp. But trust me, the projects have been at full throttle around here, and only now are they tapering off to a measly picture frame overhaul here and an alphabetical CD arrangement there. Not surprisingly, when I let up a little, it's Dustan's turn to set up a workshop in our makeshift storage unit, which is really an old cigar room on the backside of our building. Now that room would be a sweet apartment: exposed brick walls, real wood floors, expansive paned windows and a massive humidor. Anyway, here's the latest:

Yup, it's a tiny wooden stove made for a toddler that has really cute hands.

Did you know these puppies sell for like over $300? One of our friends here had this brainstorm that Dust could make one for her little Olivia for Christmas, and that got all sorts of gears churning in Dustan's head. If he can make a few before the holidays hit, he's gonna see if he sell some in the $175 range. But here's my favorite:

Doesn't that make you want to be a kid all over again? I swear our kids are gonna have the coolest toys. Progress so far: (This is the kitchen stove - and he's building a taller back than the one in the photo b/c it will have a shelf to hang little pots on. Eeeek! claps hands, squeals)

So that's that. Looks like it's gonna work out and tonight he assembled the first one. It was also a very productive day for me. Number one, I scored my highest in Purble Place so far - 6270, and that pretty much ends that obsession. Because I'll never beat that. And I also gave myself a haircut (yes, you read that right) which, I gotta admit, I'm pretty smug about. I found a wiki-how-to article online and decided, what the heck. The best part was that the article had to have been written by a tweener, because at the end it said "Don't let your hair fall on the floor, or ur parents will probly kill u. put a paper mat under it and then throw it away." Right, noted. I definitely won't want any hair falling on the same floor that will at some point probably meet a menagerie of bodily fluids. (We're renters, so it's safe to say it already has, but I pretend everything was reset when we moved in). But yeah, I gave myself long layers and took some length off. Even though it's not a huge difference and it doesn't look half-bad, I still kept looking at myself in the mirror going towards my head with scissors and the look on my face was You're out of your mind.


  1. as a mother of someone with small hands....I say Dustin's project looks AWESOME!

    as a cheap (um, frugal) woman who has a HARD time paying salon-prices for haircuts...I say WOW, you have got some MAD hair cutting skills!

  2. "Don't let your hair fall on the floor, or ur parents will probly kill u." Check. Circa oh, about all through high school: Bran was screaming, "Dude, get your freakin' hair off the sink!" I love your new cut; and I'm oober impressed with Dusty's new project. I'm working on a new project too! I need to post it on the ole bloggiewog. Miss you! How long do ya'll get to come home for Christmas (I know it's a little early to be asking, but I also know that I'm not the first one to pose the Q)?

  3. Love the hair, love the kitchen sets, can't wait to see the washer - wonder how much shipping is for something so large from WI to TN?? Love you!


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