November 19, 2009

Old Things Become New

So I've had this old, lusciously worn pair of Dustan's corduroys laying around forever. You know cords, they get better with age. And if Dustan happens to put on a wool sweater with his cords and ruffle his hair a bit, he looks really J.Crew and I fall more in love with him.

But now they're done. Through oil changes and banister-sliding, from Virginia to Wisconsin, these pants have been loved well. But Dust finally blew the hubs out of them. I'm pretty sure it was in church when I happened to look at his booty and instead saw his wallet and beyond. I'm like duuuuude, those pants are so gone.

Here's one more worldly possession that is very sentimental to me: my recipe book. It's just a big blank book that I've scrapped and glued and taped recipes into from magazines, family members, friends and clippings.

(A letter from my Mamaw including her recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole. I love that she's 90 and it's in her handwriting, which still looks like a font after all these years).

Problem is, this is the cover of my recipe book.

A little girl in what seems like overalls at first, but is really a dress. Add a hat, take away the shirt and throw in some roses. Then make the whole thing sepia. I have been looking at this girl since I got married and started making Sis's Famous Burritos and Mom's Sweet Tea and Amy's Lentil Soup and Dawn's Christmas Cookies. She is so sweet I have a sugar headache. She is so cute I want to give her horns with a Sharpie. I can't believe she's lasted as long as she has, Anne.

Today I employed my version of sewing, a little something I call Hot Glue Gun, and did this:

I even have a little pocket for my recipe cards!

Therefore, if any cords be in the kitchen, it's because they've been recreated. Old stains have passed away; behold! a brand new recipe book has come.


  1. Sis's famous burritos... still one of my all times faves.

  2. this is brilliant.....and kinda makes me happy!

  3. So unique! Begs the question "wonder how many folks in this big, wide world would love a clever little recipe book"? I'm just saying....

  4. Omgosh, I love it. beloved things repurposed! and, you know, paving over anne geddes... who seemed like such a good idea at the time?

    I have a big bag of Mike's worn-out jeans in my closet that I intend to turn into a sweet denim rug. It's gonna happen one of these days. You should come help. :)

    Also, I looooove the kitchen sets - you guys are creativity overload. I'm inspired - thanks for sharing with us...

  5. Jess, you and your denim aspirations. Your mom, and her mad quilting skillz, has seriously set the bar too high.

  6. Love the projects. I've been making brooches. I'm falling behind on the photo posting.....but the broochies are tedious and time consuming and wonderful. Dang Martha Stewart; we could've had her job and been partners.

    I have a recipe binder with clear sheet covers so nothing splatters on the pages.

  7. Very cute idea! I am loving it! And you can share the wealth you know, I will when you have a little princess one day who needs bows and dresses!! Love you!

  8. that's awesome betsy. oh man, i just love the feeling of taking something that has been around so long and finding a way to keep it around after it has gone kaput.

    but will you miss anne? :)

  9. Rach - so funny! I love the way stuff splatters on the recipes I use. Those transparent oil fingerprints, a dab of tomato sauce - and if my buckeye recipe happens to smell like peanut butter, even better! I think it conjures a sense of productivity. Is that messed up?

    Rie - no! :)


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