December 2, 2009


Please bear with the silence. I am currently working. I know, I know - it's unlike me to have a job. I'm riding to and from Milwaukee with Brahma every day, so that's nice. But I also have to get up before 6:00am to make life sane. That might sound like a contradictory statement. Wait - yup, it is.

I'm temping at an home health agency called IndependenceFirst. It's an amazing zillion-dollar facility and really fun to see disabled and able people working side-by-side. I hung out with a service dog the other day. He was the bigger, smarter, calmer version of Trail and his name was Magic. I'm not saying she's not the cutest ol' Baba ever, cause she is.

Or that she doesn't have killer flexibility, cause she does.

Or that I can't take her places, cause this girl loves herself a car ride.

This is us on the way to deliver the finished (but unpainted) stove!

I hope to get pics of the truly finished version from Dana after she paints it for Olivia. The good news is that I asked Dustan to build me a hovercraft so I can get to to work faster and push my wake-up time to 8. He says yes. It'll be done by Christmas Eve.


  1. That stove is adorable; I wish I had one. Tell Dust I want a hovercraft also!

  2. Love the stove, love the hovercraft idea, love love love you guys! Missing you - you ARE coming home for Christmas aren't you? I definetly forsee a Cracker Barrell breakfast in our near future! Love ya!

  3. traaayyuuuul! hi trail! hi!! hello trail!!!!!! i miss you trail! hi.
    also, dustan is so crafty and awesome!

  4. are you bringing Bahbah to Hidden Valley?


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