February 24, 2010

The Bedroom

*I updated this post at the end.*

I sit here, scrolling through huge chunks of photos, not even knowing where to begin.  So I guess I'm gonna start with the first thing I painted in the apartment.  Our bedroom.  When we got here, it was hot and sticky - even in Wisconsin.  I couldn't believe it.  We just kept moving piles of boxes from one corner to the next until we couldn't take it anymore, and I decided to make one room normal.  Here's the bedroom evolving, from before we moved in, to blank whiteness, to the wrong peanut-buttery paint color, to the right one, and so forth.

This is how we slept for ages.  Nothing on the walls, nothing on the furniture, barely any covers on the bed.  The air may have been hot, but the walls were a nice Oatmeal, and that's all I cared about.

In every other room, I've done loads of small projects that make up the final product.  But in the bedroom, all the furniture/decor was pretty much ready to go.  I only did one little project.  My jewelry box:

This guy has been in my bedroom since I was a young girl, and I've always thought it would just be...I don't know, somehow wrong to paint it.  But I got over that when I finally decided that it would look good painted green, distressed, stained and rubbed with black.  You can't really tell the true color because of the exposure in this picture.  I like it so much better now.

Wow. . . I just had to come back.  Because as I was looking at these pictures I realized that everything in this room was given to us.  Everything!  I seriously can't look at one thing that I bought.  The chocolatey velvet curtains, matching sheets (that you can't see), puffy white comforter and lovely pillowcases all came from my aunt JJ.  The brown blanket on the bed came from my Mamaw Meade.  Rachel gave me the lamp for Christmas ages ago, and Rachel's mom gave me the red throw pillow as a wedding gift. Linds gave me the small white throw pillow, the furry rug, the furry pillow and the two excruciating little wooden boxes on my vanity.  Brahma's Mama gave me the vanity, and brought me back the small red lamp from Thailand.  Spring, Brahma's sister, gave me the bed.  Mom gave me the wooden rocking chair (I used to be rocked in that chair, now I paint it black and throw clothes over it) and the heavy afghan on it.  Furniture, window treatments, bedding, decor - free.  Getting free stuff?  Priiiiiiiicelessssssss. 

Nighty night.


  1. Love that "right out of a magazine" bedroom.... j

  2. Looks awesome! Nice pics too. Can't wait to see it in PERSON! :)

  3. I have the same jewelry box, my mom got it for me years ago and I don't think I will ever get rid of it. It has nver really fit my style. Can you send me a message on how you actually painted it and with what? I would love to copy it! (if you don't mind)

  4. dude... you totally need to become an interior designer. seriously. your room looks amazing! also, that pic of the dog and baby below just kills me.

  5. Erin - can I just tell you right here? I used a tiny screwdriver to remove all the hardware. I sanded everything a little bit. Painted it. Sanded all the edges. And then I took some black paint, watered it down in a kitchen glass, and rubbed it on with an old tee shirt to make it look old. Then I put all the hardware back on. The End.

    The cool thing is that I didn't change the hardware at all, but suddenly it looks silver and so much better. You really have the same one?

    I thought my mom bought me one-of-a-kind gifts.


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