February 23, 2010

Where the Child and the Dog Lie Side by Side

Today is the day I get to use a picture to talk about whatever the heck I want.  Here's a picture that makes me happy every time I look at it. 

This is a blog right?  What good would it be without some awkward Internet confessions.  I really like animals more than kids.  I mean, I like kids all right, in fact I have a really fun time with some of them.  But if there was a dog to pet in one corner and a baby to tickle in the other, I'd choose the dog ten out of ten.  No baby picture can make me squeak with a heart-squeezing I want one! the way a bunch of pudgy little labs in a wheelbarrow can.  Can I address the Sarah McLachlan commercial now?  You know the one.  The dogs, the cats, the puppies (oh the puppies!) trembling in cages with those huge brown, scared eyes.  It seriously sticks with me for hours.  I don't think I really cared about the tsunami or Katrina or Haiti until I saw images of a dog sitting on a porch that was about to go underwater.  If I don't turn the channel quick enough, I have to make up for it by giving Trail a hug so long it just annoys her.

Anyway, I know it's a bit dysfunctional that I am way more excited about getting a pet pig and a second pup than I am having a baby, and I'm OK with that.  Because it doesn't mean I'm not excited about a baby at all.  I really am.  That's why this picture isn't just a picture of a big shiny dog that I want to squeeze.  See?  There's also a little baby in it.  Maybe this picture makes you go "Those parents are fools" (because you watch too much Dateline and fill your brain with stories about snakes that eat small children), but it makes me really, really happy to see the family pet and the baby co-existing.  When we finally do get around to having a kid, I don't want that ol' Baba Gurl to get lost in the shuffle.  One of the blogs I read is Dooce, the Supreme Mommyblogger.  And the thing that keeps me a dedicated reader?  Is how her mutt and her (cah-razy, shelter-worthy, kick-to-the-curbable) Australian Shepherd get so much air time in their family.  I look at this picture and think, yes.  Trail will be that dog who has to endure lots of ear-tugging and eye-gouging, but in exchange she'll get to lick Stonyfield yogurt out of my kid's mouth.


  1. The Sarah M. commercial. I'm over it; it doesn't make me mad, there's just something really annoying about it. Maybe it's the fuzzy, distant sound that occurs as a result of the commercial production. That's all I have to say about Sarah at this time. That dog and babe are way cute.

  2. Okay first of all, are you seriously getting a pet pig? Sooooo jealous.

    Second of all, I'm right there with ya on the kids vs. dogs thing. There will be a baby right in front of me and I won't even noticed its THERE (unless its stinky or screaming), but if a dog comes anywhere near my line of vision, the squealing starts and I can't take my eyes off it. You're not alone! As far as I'm concerned, dogs trump babies every time :)

  3. i come from a long line of kids that were able co-exist with dogs. my parents had a love affair with two snouzers- i'm sure i spelled that wrong. i have a ridiculous pic of myself as a babe sharing a pillow with Rastas- our crazy bearded family member. my dad always pretended to hate being seen walking our tiny pups, but he loved those proud little dogs. and my entire adolescent memory bank is full of Brandy- our messed up poodle- i think you met her. i love it, bets. if david weren't so ridiculously allergic to pet hair- we'd have a Penny of our own already :[

  4. yeah that commercial is pretty aweful. aubby and i both let out some whines and moans when it comes on.

    also, your blog makes me laugh out loud. i love it

  5. I recently told someone that I kind of see dogs and cats in the same light as I see kids - on my own I don't think I'd get them, but if I married a woman who really wanted them I'd probably say "Ok".

    Anyway, those commercials? Textbook abominations. They should never have been brought into our reality and need to die very quick and permanent deaths. Seriously, I think they were put together by Hell's top PR team. I'm not sure if they are more annoying or infuriating to me, but I won't abide anyone trying to put animals on the same level as people.

    I think Paul said it best when he said, "Does God really care about oxen?" (1 Cor 9)


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