March 22, 2010

The Treehouse Playroom Project

I love looking at what is taking shape in this playroom.  It all started about a month ago.  Dustan and I were over at the Knapps hanging out one Saturday.  Brian had caught a throw-up virus that week and had been puking his guts out, and was recovering from being sick.  That stands out in my mind because the whole time we brainstormed, he was enthusiastic in his Brian kind of way, but he was also pretty grey.  Anyway, while he'd been out of commission and the two boys ran, and the toddler toddled, and the baby rolled, Linds made use of all her spare time by drawing up sketches (that she also colored) of her Woodland Whimsy Playroom Design.  She presented her plans to us like a contractor in Home Depot.  She wanted a stage over here, with opening compartments that the kids can just lift up (see, like this?) and throw all their props under, and a table here for art and Legos and over here - here is where the treehouse will be.  Here's the ladder, and then the railing is here..and then maybe a swing underneath?  Oh, and behind the stage, this wall will be covered in chalkboard paint so they can draw scenes and stuff.

Brian was pretty pale.  Dustan's gears were turning.  In my mind I'm thinking This is never gonna happen. 

Buuuut, it so did.

Here is the first batch of proof that four people with skillz and heart can do anything in six days.

I wish I had a picture of the opening stage compartments.  Instead, there's Jack and Em getting ready to board a rocketship.  And here's Emerson climbing the ladder of the treehouse.

Already more things have taken shape.   Because...this is kinda sketchy if you look long enough.  Just one accidental play-shove from behind and Em's nose would be the color of his shirt... There's a door there now.

But Em - how do you really feel about having a treehouse in your playroom now?

Along with the trees and starry night up inside the treehouse, Linds also painted this huge tree and then sewed a swirl of leaves onto the curtains as well.  And she did these adorable little mommy and baby owls below.  Hey - but that Yam and Graham Cracker Crust trim job on the windows and baseboards?  THAT WAS ALL ME.

Ok, well, that's the first installment.  I know there will be more pictures because there are more plans.  The treehouse and stage gave this room so much momentum.  Can't wait to see the next things take shape: cozy carpets, a table/art station, small benches for the table and for the "audience," more woodland creatures on the walls, and who knows what else!  This project has definitely unlocked an eagerness in us to do more of this kind of stuff.

We've been looking at a certain website specializing in the deliciousifying of children's spaces for a while now.  You know how when you were a kid you had a friend who had a ________ (trampoline, horse, go-cart, four-wheeler, laundry chute, swimming pool) and your one goal in life was to get to that friend's house?  And when you got there they just kinda shrugged off the fact that there was a magic fairy mushroom in their bedroom?  You know the one?  Well, the possibilities for making your kid that kid, are endless.

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  1. Dang Betsy! You and Dustan need some kids too! Looks like a blast. Wish we were closer to come play!


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