April 29, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Haunting

Ok, really Dustan made something to eat.  And this was something that he's been haunted by ever since I've known him.  Buffalo Chicken.  Dustan remembers the first time he ate a buffalo chicken sandwich the way some people describe their first time seeing Lord of the Rings.  Like, all other food now pales in comparison and he could eat this food any time, anywhere, and never get tired of eating it.  The way he feels about the combination of blue cheese and buffalo sauce is pretty much the same way I feel looking at Arwen's ears and Aragorn wearing a necklace at the same time.

Aaaaaaanyway, Dust just decided the other night that he was going to make buffalo chicken in our kitchen, and he totally succeeded.  The first version was boneless buffalo chunks, because that's all we had, but next we'll try wings.  Here's what he did:

Soaked chicken in buttermilk and an egg white, then coated in flour, salt, pepper.  Fried chicken in an inch of hot oil until it was beautifully golden, turning every few minutes until done.  Then tossed the fried chicken in buffalo hot sauce in a wide flat bowl.  Soooo easy and we were totally impressed by how inexpensive it was.  And how legitimate it looked!


  1. Dusty's love of wings makes me think of the first time I ever ate a stalk of celery. It was in the joint I used to wait tables at, as in 3 years ago. I was eating boneless buffalo wings with hot-garlicky wing sauce on them and ranch dressing, and wait for it, I thought to myself, "Why not?" and popped in a stick of celery. It was a revelation. Now when I eat wings anywhere, I always order extra celery.

  2. this makes me want to be a carnivore again.

  3. gorgeous blog and awesome posts!


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