April 15, 2010


It's a good morning here in Wisconsin.  The sun is out and it's doing its job.  Warming the earth, pulling my face up, poking fun at my hooded sweatshirt and causing all black dogs everywhere to pant with a heavy grin.  I have the windows open, and music from passing cars fills my house.  What was once a dull thud is now the full range, treble and all.   

Tonight's gonna be a good night. 

You're telling me!  My sister arrives in Milwaukee at 5:30! 

I'm coming back to this space (again) like a family coming home from vacation.  I'm pulling up in the driveway with apprehension.  Still looks the same.  Internet authorities haven't condemned the place.  Peeking around the front door, expecting lizard infestation or flood.  Everything is how I left it.  All nine of you are still here!  How sweet.  Thanks for your longsuffering.  I could say it's been a crazy couple weeks, but what I would really mean by that is I haven't been clambering over top of the normal craziness of life to blog.  Such a great word, that.  Clambering.  I think it should replace "come" in the well-rehearsed sentences of life.  To the whiny backseaters, "Don't make me clamber back there."  How else?

It would be great to stay and write awhile, but my sister is coming.  And I get a little crazy before house guests descend.  I start cleaning the stove and alphabetizing Q-tips and rearranging the pillows I just arranged and such.  I'm clambering back soon.

Sweet Potato


  1. Have fun with your sis! She looks soooo cute! I know you can't wait to see her!


  2. So how was the visit with Lollie Lane? Isn't she the cutest little pregnant gal you've ever seen? Did she tell you what my dad said, that her diet wasn't working? Ha ha! Can't wait to see pix of the visit - I know you took some! Love you sweet tater!

  3. 9? Well, I guess I'm #5 this time.

    Lol! I actually did that to "Don't make me clamber back there!" It is a great word, amongst many other great words that get too little use.

    Alphabetizing the Q-tips, eh? So are the M&M's not important to you then? Have you no manners?

  4. I had an awesome time, Sis! Thanks for the delicious food, hospitality, pedicure and late night chatting. :)


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