January 18, 2011

My Shirt Doesn't Fit

Just like that, 2011.  To keepers of journals, those things really matter.  I used to relish the first entry of a new year.  My journals don't keep so well anymore.  Entries jump from one really devastating/brilliant/milestone kind-of-thing to a grocery list and then fast forward to some doodles of ways I should wear my hair since it's long.  All those things you think you would do with your hair if it weren't short.

These days are full of buying carseats and making fun of how big they are, for someone so small.  And snow, lots of snow and slush and rotating the car and making Trail wear her booties from the AT so the salt doesn't stick in her pads.  Also we got a washer and dryer.  It revolutionized our life and we are never moving, no matter how many babies or dirty dogs or sets of sheets we have to wash.


my shirt doesn't fit.


  1. I've checked in on your, probably once a week, since your last post, hoping that silence meant that the world was simply unfolding as it should.

    I am happy that I was right..:*)

    That is a gorgeously round belly! I hope you are feeling well too. xox

  2. I think the shirt looks great, Bets! And regarding the laundry machines, I could never go back to having to pay for each load.

  3. LOVELY belly!!!

    If you ever have any questions abut birth/labor/nursing, etc. please feel free to ask! I love talking about it!

  4. Oh my Betsy! I am so glad I thought to check the blog - the belly looks wonderful! I can't wait to til the big day! Please keep us posted - we wish we could be there! Praying for you daily my dear sweet friend! xoxo


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