February 4, 2011

Snow On the Beach

Snow on the beach - you can't find that just anywhere.  Canada.  And Antarctica.  Snow and sand, wool and water, sunglasses and trapper hats - things that shouldn't go together.

But there is something really, really enthralling about what Nature does here in Wisconsin.  And I don't just mean 7-foot snow drifts in front of our apartment.  It's more the combination of the power of the lake and the power of wind and snow and ice, all at once.  In the middle of it, you get that small, fear-of-God kind of feeling that rattles windows and makes you shrug inside.  Not in control, got it.  When it all dies down, there are still big remnants that something gnarly just bit into your coastal town and gave it a good shake.  Big fat deposits of snow that will sit for months.  Ice sculptures that form a slow crust on the edge of the water, and that will leave at the same excruciatingly slow pace. 

Because Winter doesn't really give way to Spring here.  It's more like Winter and Spring run into each other at a party sometime in March, and Winter squints.  "Hey...Spring right?  I'll call you sometime."  (Never calls).

Here's us before the blizzard, just enjoying some snow and beach and Trail's first experience with the Chuck-It.

Grey bell-shape

She found it this time, but it was ultimately lost on the snowy beach forever.


Prego...body.  And glaciers.  More things that don't go together.
Then here's a bit of live blizzard action and the aftermath.


Ferocious waves hitting the shore.  Do you see that churning swell of slush?  We will swim here this summer!
A tree that has seen it all.

Techtonic plates, shifting.
Half-lab, half-panther
 Notice above the Trail frolicking there are still Christmas wreaths on the street lamps?  Yup, there are Christmas decorations lingering all over town.  Not only the gigantic tree in Monument Square, but also McAuliffe's pub still has a 5-foot wreath on their window and all the sidewalk trees are lined with white lights.  The thing is, it's just not out of place when there's this much snow!  But red bows on blue spruce in February?  What is wrong with this picture?

Last are some stunning, bone-chilling, crystalline pictures my friend Gabe took the day after.  I ripped them off Facebook but they're straight up Nat Geo.


  1. Snow? What snow? I'm looking at the ADORABLE pregnant gal. :) SOO cute, Sis.

  2. Great pics from both you guys and Gabe... Thanks for sharing, and the lovely wordsmithing that has taken place...

  3. perfect, perfect, perfect.....and you are glowingly pregnant! Awesome!

  4. Awesome pics... love that one of you in the snow. I would die if I had to live with that much snow!


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