February 22, 2011

The Permanent Guest's Room

These are exciting days.  Since this boy is taking his sweet little time, I've gotten to do everything I wanted to do...twice!  That includes hand-crafting a mobile of woodland creatures, rolling and re-rolling every last swaddling blanket and fluffing all my beautiful cloth diapers.  But before any of that started, I was painting every crevice of this room and closet, from the baseboards to the ceiling fan.

I snapped some shots of his room for the ol' blog because I hear that after he is born, poop will explode into every corner of my house, I will never sleep, the sun will no longer rise, and there will be no time to eat an everything bagel with cream cheese, much less update a blog.  So here's to posterity.

Moving in

Everything had to be painted...
Walls done, furniture still having an identity crisis

Buttercream, finally

Dust scraping crappy laminate off the top of a sweet yard sale find
Unearthed was this lovely wormy pine.  One of the first pics of me visibly pregnant.
Found a bunch of great knobs at Anthro in the clearance bin
The beginnings of a mobile: a hoop covered in wool
and felt balls
Lindsay made all these tiny woodland animals by hand
and me and Dusty strung them up
The boy better stare at this for hours
Dust also made me some shelves for over the changing table.  Among the things pictured here: Dustan's first bear, our boy's baby book, a satisfying stack of cloth wipes, me as a little girl, one of the first bowls I threw full of pacifiers. 
(Never saw that coming).
Clean sheets ready for Mom!
Had to find a spot to keep the buttercream drawers because they house a billion onesies!

Just one thing missing...


  1. Why am I just now hearing about this incredible mobile??
    Everything looks SO good, Sis!

  2. Just beautiful. And you will be able to blog in the coming months- Even if it's with baby nursing on your lap (that's what I did!)

  3. It is top down wonderful! Kudos to Lindsay for the critters. I love that they are critters that don't get a lot of press...... j

  4. It looks great, Bets! I have a lampshade in the exact pattern of your window panels, weird.

  5. I LOVE IT! Only chubby chewy cheeks is missing! I can't wait! :)

  6. Betsy-

    I know we've rarely spoken and know each other even less, but I feel a kindredness (is that a word?) towards you. I love your style, your words, and you!

    Maybe one day we could get together :)

    Sarah Freeborn


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